Monday, April 11, 2011

Launch Your Creativi-Tea

As you can gather from the name of this blog, I am more of a coffee drinker as opposed to tea. In fact, the only time I usually take tea is when I don't feel good or I'm in England. I thought no one could do tea like the English, but this weekend proved me completely wrong.

I was so honored to attend Launch Your Creativity ( in Orange, CA at Paris in a Cup tea salon ( I was treated to a lovely tea (I drank Paris Garden) in a salon that was modeled after several Parisian set movies. Our meal consisted of scones with jam, sandwiches, fruit salad, and petit fours. The food was divine! But even more amazing was the company. I sat at a table with good friends Lisa Loria (, Rita Reade (, and Kim Caldwell ( Events like this are also fun because they are great opportunities to make new friends. I was so happy to meet someone we have published so often, the lovely Kay Ellen Hammar ( and the sweet Missy Watson Duffy (

We listened to truly powerful speakers who talked about what it meant to be a woman who was creative and business minded. In attending this event, I realized there aren't many talks of this nature out there. Sure, in the corporate world there are all kinds of retreats and team building exercises, but in the creative field there are few (if any) gatherings like this. I truly felt moved, and part of a network that appreciated and encouraged the power of creativity (in the business market and in our personal lives). I have to thank Sharon Hughes ( for her inspiring speech and empathy for so many women, Cynthia Wadell ( for her lightheartedness and fashion savvy, Cheryl Turner for allowing us to have tea in her beautiful salon and talking with such detail about the restaurant business, and Jenelle van de Mortel ( for inviting and uplifiting me. Jenelle created the mixed-media journal pictured above. It was so nice

to have handmade goodies along with tea and sweets in the gift bag.

But really the best gift given by this event was the people I met and got to listen to. I know women are sharers by nature, but sometimes, sharing really is the best way to ignite, inspire, and feel comforted. The quote in the tea salon is true, no matter how you enter a room, it is always possible to leave as a friend ... especially when there's tea involved. My many and sincerest thanks to these amazing women. I hope this Monday finds you launching your creativity.


  1. Dear Beth,
    I sounds like a lovely time. Being a home studio artist, I really miss the one on one contact and encouragement that only other artists and crafters can give.

    I hope someday to attend one of these creative get togethers and spend a few days picking their artistic brains ;-> ( so to speak)

    Have a creative week.

    Janet xox

  2. Since Launch your Creativity I have been thinking and thinking. I spent Sunday outside doing absolutely nothing and thinking of Saturday and all the wonderful speakers. It was really nice to see you and have TEA together! Ciao Rita

  3. Beth~
    Thank you so much for your kind words. This was such an amazing day for myself and all involved. It is my true passion to inspire others and it is a joy to have the opportunities I have been blessed with.

    Thank you for your support of my dream to help others to Launch their Creativity!

  4. You said it PERFECTLY Beth.
    It is a unique forum and was so inspiring and informational. Sharon and her team put on a lovely event. Great to spend time with good friends and meet others as well.
    When are we going to Tea again?
    Much Love,

  5. You are such a talented writer! I love how you captured the spirit of the day in this blog entry. It was an incredible event - I left enthused, on fire- with all my muses clamoring for attention. My only regret is that I didn't get a picture with you(!) - we'll have to get together to remedy that!

  6. What a wonderful post Beth. I so enjoyed speaking to the women at Launch Your Creativity and hearing about what you are all doing or thinking of doing. I truly hope I can keep the conversation going with everyone I met at Paris in a Cup on Saturday. The wheels have not stopped turning since.
    warmest regards,
    (part of the LYC team)

  7. This event was a beautiful tribute to believing that you can. To just do it anyway. No matter what. I think so many of us artists create from someplace that has once been broken. So our need and desire to make something beautiful naturally just spills into what we create. This "tea" inspired me to just do it anyway, no matter what anyone says.

    So happy launching, from one fellow coffee drinker to another.

  8. Hi
    Oh this sounds like such a great time.
    (my preffered drink would be Hot Chocolate, without cream and without marshmallows but with a light sprinkling of grated chocolate. Hmmmmm!!)